Age Aware Foot-Care Service

Age Aware

Age Aware Foot-Care Service has been active since 2016. Our footcare practitioners, Oya Ali and Allan Bassett were the lead footcare practitioners within a national charity for 10 years prior to launching the Age Aware Foot-Care Service.

Our service is based on an enterprise model and we endeavour to charge the minimum cost to patients

Enfield has a high proportion of residents aged over 50. Within the Bush Hill area, we believe it is important to provide an affordable footcare service. This helps to prevent unnecessary problems for older individuals, especially the vulnerable population that live in this and surrounding areas.

Many do not realise that the lack of essential footcare attention account for high proportions of tripping, falling and admission to hospital, through impaired abilities to walk.

Looking after your feet and treating common foot problems such as corns, calluses, bunions and ingrown toenails can help to prevent problems that could make individuals unsteady on their feet and increases risks of a fall or general muscular discomfort.

Age Aware Foot-Care Service specialise in the footcare of older individuals and are

fully qualified, NHS trained and insured to cater for your individual footcare needs.

We provide treatment of

  • Corns, Calluses – Hard Skin Removal
  • In-Growing Toenails
  • Standard & Thick Toenail Cutting
  • Reduction of Thick Bulky Nails
  • Foot Health Checks & Advice

 We provide a friendly personalised service, with pleasant conversation

and general footcare advice Call 07759152597

 For more information and to make an appointment joining the many patients that benefit from our Age Aware Foot-Care Service